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The Problem Isn't Design

The Problem is

Designing New Looks Using the Old Methods.

Old Habits

Kill Progress

If you're a bit nuts,

but seek wisdom, you'll keep reading

To build something that truly benefits you now and in the future, it must respect the pace at which the web changes. Fifteen years ago, the computer I'm using right now would have cost MILLIONS to build. Now it only costs a few thousand. If you know what you're doing, you can save roughly 30% by building it yourself.


It Would've Cost MILLIONS

To have the computer you're using right now.

If you're buying a website, ask why. Why do I need a website? If you've never done this before, if you're new to buying web design or websites, your answers will probably suck at first.

You'll be tempted to say because it's expected, or that all businesses need a few things,
1. a logo w/ business card
2. social media
3. website.

Do you agree?

What Does A Business NEED in 2019?

You tell us...

Is a website needed in 2019?

Why We Say

Absolutely 100%

As a business, you MUST think about your money as an investment. It's not negotiable if you want to be successful. Personally, business talk aside, the way you think about money will propel or steal your success.

Getting your brand inline